Unlike the traditional market, Continuing Care isn’t in the business of maximizing profits – We’re in the business of minimizing costs! If you’re tired of paying high liability premiums with no losses, get rate indication from Continuing Care and see how much you can save.

How it works

Continuing Care is owned by its policyholder members. As an owner and insured of Continuing Care, your premium is determined by calculating the amount needed to cover expenses and losses and fund your capital contribution or ownership stake. Premiums are placed in a fund and tracked by program year. The Board of Directors decide whether to reinvest or return excess premium. 

You can join anytime and your policy goes into effect immediately. Once coverage is bound, you gain access to risk management tools and expertise typically afforded by only the largest care facilities!

From signing up, to filing a claim, to loss control visits, Continuing Care is committed to providing a straight-forward, cost-effective liability program that works. Our experience helps us understand the big picture and manage the details.

Achieve greater control over your liability program with Continuing Care Risk Retention Group. Contact us today!