A Risk Retention Group
          created by care providers for care providers.

Our story begins in a senior care facility much like yours. We were professionals, running skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. The industry trend of "doing more for less," was taking root and insurance became our number one challenge. With fickle insurance markets, varying coverage and limits, new exclusions and inconsistent pricing, we felt nobody was in the game with us – and we knew we deserved better. That is why Continuing Care Risk Retention Group, a Mutual Insurance Company, was created.

Continuing Care provides a focused and stable professional and general liability insurance program for quality care provider organizations throughout the U.S.* We insure skilled nursing facilities, intermediate care facilities, assisted living facilities, residential care facilities, independent living facilities, specialized units and congregate care. As a member-owned mutual insurance company, we're dedicated to broad liability insurance protection at a consistently affordable price.

Our program is administered by Magnolia LTC Management Services, Inc., a firm specializing in senior care insurance products and known for their experience in skillful claims administration and risk management for the senior care industry.

*excluding AL, AK, AR, FL, MS & WV

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